You are viewing the front-end component library for Our Name is Mud - Component Library

Project Structure

Core files

  • src/scss All base styles, grid, typography, scss variables/mixins/functions
  • src/js Core javascript, utilities, behaviour loader (see Javascript notes)
  • src/fonts All of the webfonts
  • src/images/site Placeholder images (jpgs, pngs, svgs)
  • src/images/svg-symbols Icons, these are converted into svg symbols

Pattern library files

All of the html, css for specific pattern components can be found in src/templates. Eg:

  • src/templates/03-global/header/header.twig
  • src/templates/03-global/header/_header.scss

Component categories

  • Base: Typography, themes, base styles
  • Objects: Small, reusable, and single purposes modules
  • Components: Reusable components, could be comprised of several modules
  • Global: Components that appear on every page on the site
  • Pages: Templates for particular page types